Ellex Raidla has many years of experience in handling all types of registration matters and disputes at all levels - Estonian, European and international. We are the only law firm in Estonia with a partner specializing in intellectual property law, cyber law and employment, trademark case law, IT matters and is one of the few law firms with a European trademark and design attorney on its team. Our firm has won major public procurements in the field. We served as legal advisers to the Estonian E-health Foundation in 2005 and advised the IT and Development Centre of the Estonian Ministry of the Interior in 2010.
Key projects in the field

  • Trade Marks Act
  • Copyright and Related Rights Draft Legislation
  • Electronic Communications Act
  • Telecommunications Act
  • Personal Data Protection Act

Key contacts

Ants Nõmper

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Head of Intellectual Property & IT practice group
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Mari Must


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Kairi Kilgi


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Key projects in the field

Ellex Raidla successfully represented Segway Inc in a dispute related to product design
We represented the leading innovator of personal transportation Segway Inc in a dispute concerning a breach of Segway’s registered product design rights against the local company Lara Invest OÜ.
Segway designs, develops and manufactures personal self-balancing electronic devices for consumers and businesses. It offers patrollers for law enforcement and private security agencies for patrol of indoor and outdoor environments:  wooded trails, construction sites, and city sidewalks.
In 2015 Ninebot strategically merged with Segway, headquartered in Bedford, US. The combined company focuses on the research and development, design, manufacturing, distribution and sales of short-distance transportation products.
The design of Segway personal transporters is registered in the European Union Intellectual Property Office.
The client was represented by Partners Ants Nõmper and Anton Sigal, Counsel Mari Must, Senior Associate Liis Könn, Associate Mailis Meier.
Advised Cellin Technologies OÜ regarding unique cell medicine project
Ellex Raidla partner Ants Nõmper advised Cellin Technologies OÜ in preparation of the documents regarding the unique cell medicine project. Cellin Technologies OÜ is the first company that started producing  personalized cancer medicine called MelCancerVac.

The personal cell medicine that is in the final phase of test point, is based on amplifying patient's body defensive reaction, using the patient's blood-derived dendritic cells and the melanoma cell lysate. If the trials are successful, MelCancerVac may become the world’s first vaccine against colorectal cancer.

Cellin Technologies OÜ is a cell therapy products contract manufacturing company founded in 2008 that is using modern cleanroom facility for the production of cell therapy medicinal products of the highest quality. The company is participating in the EU- funded Research and Development project, which studies how to the use of regenerative cells from human fat in the creation of new blood vessels.

Additional information: www.cellintechnologies.com
Advising Medicine Estonia Cluster regarding the standard contracts
Ellex Raidla partner Ants Nõmper advised Medicine Estonia Cluster regarding the preparation of standard contracts for provision of health care services, including contracts regarding the patients’ approval and the preparation of anaesthesia leaflets in Estonian, Russian, English and Finnish.

Medicine Estonia is a project of Service Industry Association supporting its members in increasing their export of medical services. One of the main roles of the cluster is to market the services of its members in target markets and to create an attractive image for the Estonian service providers.

Additonal information: www.medicineestonia.eu